Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Celebrating 2000 installs

Well the stats are in and I've had over 2000 installs of Bayou Island Part 1. I never thought I'd achieve so many, so thank you to everyone who downloaded it. From what the stats tell me, I've had more people find the game organically (as in just found it on the app store) rather than me promoting it. Fortunately I read a good article a few weeks back about how to have good SEO for your app's description and it definitely seems to have worked, especially in Google Play.

From what I've learnt about promoting a game - is that it's 100 times harder than making the game! There are other "indie devs" out there with bigger teams and bigger budgets than me. Personally I feel the term "indie" is being used too much now. I've always considered an Indie dev, to be a very small team, as in 3 developers or less.

From the little promotion I've received the main factors which have helped have been:

Right, that's it for now. On to more work for Part 2!

- Andy.

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